About Us


Zonelab is a graphic laboratory specialized in 3D modeling, photorealistic rendering and postproduction.
We work in the world of adv, design, architecture and animation.
Reality has no limits that imagination can reach out and touch.



Zonelab is part of Babel

During the time babel has become a networking of professionals, sharing the same values and working approach. We called it SMART CO-WORKING. 2.0 is our culture. We are flexible, fast, quickly reactive and with a low-cost structure. We can build the team fitting the project’s aim and we can enlarge o minimize it in real time. We are a tested working team, with process competence and recognized leadership build on the field.

Corso di Photoshop Webipedia

Claudia Zorzi insegnante del corso di Photoshop

Claudia ha da poco rilasciato il suo video corso di Photoshop rilasciato su Webipedia.it.